Exercise Makes you Beautiful

We are constantly reminded that our sedentary lifestyles are killing us and that we are all chronically lacking in exercise. You get it; but the idea of putting in gruelling work for months before you can notice any tangible benefits feel unappetizing...

Today, there is a constant reminder to exercise. If you're like most though, the mere thought of an exercise routine seems overwhelming. In reality, it isn't though; the science tells us that your mind is making the challenge tougher than it actually is. Here's why:

1. You are rewarded faster than you think

The toughest part of working out is getting to the gym. It's the idea of committing or sacrificing ahead of time before feeling the benefits. Thankfully, this is largely not true. It's true that you won't go from obese to supermodel in a week's work but the more important benefits and motivators are felt almost immediately. In fact, a lot of the problem is focusing too much on the end goal. Here are some things that will immediately improve, and change your outlook on exercise itself:

  • Feel more energy
  • Sleep better
  • Feel less anxiety

These effects are immediately felt, and motivating. Exercising is a change in lifestyle and a commitment, but it need not be overwhelming. You are positively motivated at every step of the way and this is what's important. Start at your own pace, go slow, and most importantly, take that first step!

2. Radiant Skin

Exercise reduces inflammation, and helps to regulate stress hormones. It also opens up the small blood vessels that deliver essential nutrients to the skin, helping reduce sun damage, and increase production of collagen which keeps the skin supple and fresh. Sweating also helps to cleanse the skin of excess dirt and oil that is trapped at the surface. All of these effects take place shortly after every exercise session.

3. Increased Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is related to energy levels as much as it is to body shape and size. It takes time and continuous effort to see a noticeable difference in body shape and size, but self-confidence increases much faster than that. Simply having more energy, a benefit you enjoy the very first day of working out, immediately boosts self-confidence. Confidence makes you beautiful. It is also a great motivator to continue exercise.

4. Better Sleep

Exercise, particularly cardiovascular exercises help stimulate the heart, brain, and muscles. It also raises the body's core temperature, which is a key factor in ensuring a good night's sleep. The body naturally cools at night, which triggers it to fall asleep. The body is better able to notice the dropping temperature after a workout in which the body heats up, and triggers a more sound sleep. This process takes several hours, however, so you should avoid vigorous exercise immediately before sleep. The best time to exercise to benefit your sleep schedule is in the afternoon or early evening.

5. A Cycle of Positivity

Self-confidence, higher energy levels, better sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, and radiant skin are all benefits that are felt very quickly, and lead to increased motivation to exercise. Poor diet, exercise, and lack of quality sleep often come together in bunches due to a self-perpetuating cycle, and can often make a positive change seem overwhelmingly difficult. The positive cycle-exercise, better sleep, and better diet, with increased energy and motivation isn't difficult though. Your body helps motivate and push you at every step of the way, and is self-perpetuating too. All you need to do is to take the first step.

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