3   The Science of Skin Care

Skin Care Science

Dermatology has made significant advances in the past two decades, and there has been a significant improvement in our understanding of the skin and its ailments, and as a result, treatment quality has also improved correspondingly. Perhaps most importantly, the general public is much more educated about the importance of skincare. Words like antioxidants, broad spectrum protection, non-comedogenic, and Sun Protection Factor have all become a part of the public sphere.
While information becoming publicly available is always a good thing, unfortunately, some terms are little more than marketing buzzwords that do not have any scientific or legal and regulatory substance, which can add another level of confusion to consumers.

In the Skincare Science section, we aim to provide accurate information about the science behind the many skincare concepts that you may be exposed to. Discussion about key terms will be discussed from the point of view of the consumer, namely, how and whether it´s relevant to you, the consumer in a meaningful way. This section can help consumers identify the critical points that determine product quality, and understand some of the science behind skincare.

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