Skin Care Resolutions 2018

Your skin is the largest organ - it puts itself in front to protect you from all sorts of unwanted objects - fungi, viruses, bacteria, to heat and cold, and other environmental toxins, and it deserves the same care that it provides you with. Commit to taking care of your skin in 2018 with 6 easy skincare habits to get into - that will last you through for a lifetime.

Moisturize immediately after getting out of the water

  • Moisturizers can cost very little, and have a big impact on your skin.
  • Move your moisturizer from the living room to the bathroom. Make it accessible immediately after a shower.
  • Applying lotion while the skin is damp allows your skin to seal in the moisture.
  • Use moisturizers preventatively. Don’t wait until you see or feel the symptoms of drying skin. This is especially important for people with eczema.
  • These are all low hanging fruit, and yet you will see results almost immediately.

Sunscreen all year round

  • Sun damage is the biggest factor in how fast your skin ages. Your skin needs protection regardless of the season. Don’t wait until summer to apply sunscreen.
  • UVB rays, the “sunburn spectrum” is strongest during the summer, and too many of us use sunscreen only to protect from sunburns. The levels of UVA rays which are primarily responsible for skin aging, is constant throughout the year. These rays also penetrate clouds easily, meaning that we need to apply sunscreen year round.
  • Like moisturizers, you must apply sunscreen as part of a daily routine.
  • If you are reluctant to use sunscreen, consider using cosmetics that have sunscreens added to them. Ensure that the product offers broad spectrum protection.

Stop Picking at your Face

  • It’s tempting; we know. Unfortunately, picking at your skin can cause more harm than good, leaving you with a scar that can last months before it fades.
  • Don’t touch your face throughout the day. The less you touch, the less likely you will pick.
  • A great tip from Lab Muffin if you have a bad habit of picking away: Keep the mirror away from your workstation.

Go to bed fresh

  • Your skin picks up dirt and other pollutants throughout the day.
  • DO NOT sleep with makeup on.
  • If it’s a late night and you really don’t have the energy to get to the washroom sink, try some different alternatives, like cleansing water or a makeup wipe.

Stay Hydrated

  • Develop a habit to keep yourself well hydrated.
  • Under eye hollows, something that many people are concerned about, appear worse when the skin isn’t hydrated.
  • The skin can lose lustre, appear dull, and even begin to crack if it becomes severely dehydrated.
  • If you aren’t hydrated, what makes you tick? Does plain water taste bland? Add some lemon, lime, or cucumbers to add some healthy flavor.
  • Coffee, while it has a mild diuretic effect, is NOT dehydrating. The water more than makes up for this minor effect. While water is better than coffee for hydration, if you are a coffee person, don’t sweat it.
  • Alcohol on the other hand, is a much stronger diuretic, and will dehydrate you. It also has many other damaging effects on the skin.
  • More than your skin suffers if you don’t hydrate. Your energy level, and your immune system also suffer.

Sleep Hygiene

  • Most people (over age 25) make sleep hygiene a priority...until it’s time to go to sleep and then suddenly Netflix becomes a higher priority.
  • The adult body requires 7-8 hours of sleep. Yes, you can function with less, but you will pay the debt either in binge sleeps on the weekend or loss of alertness and function.
  • Your skin will be lacking plumpness if you deprive yourself of sleep. Additionally, skin products will also absorb better. Your body and skin also regains energy with sleep.
  • Start and stick to a sleeping routine. If you have a set schedule (leave the house by 8AM) work backwards to see when you should be in bed by. Give yourself a leeway of about an hour - go to sleep somewhere from 11:00-12:00.
  • Keep technology away from your bedroom. Not only are the LED lights on cellphones and computers directly inhibiting melatonin, the content itself is likely addictive, making you much more likely to overstay your schedule.
  • If you want to work on sleep hygiene, review our guide to good sleeping.

Whatever your resolutions may be for 2018, the most difficult part seems to be keeping it going for the whole year. After a few months, hopefully your skin care resolution just becomes a habit and not a chore. This year we tried to keep the skincare goals simple and straightforward.