Dry Skin and Puffiness

It’s the holiday season, and it means family friends, and a release from the stress of work. It’s also a time where your usual eating and exercising patterns can go haywire, and it can result in noticeable changes. We cover dry skin and puffiness of the face, two very common complaints in the holiday season.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is a very common complaint among Canadians at this time of the year due to the drier and colder weather. It isn’t uncommon for people who normally don’t have problems with dry skin, to complain about dry skin. Understand that various factors are conspiring to dry out the skin during the holidays: Low humidity, low temperatures, overuse of indoor heating, tendency to bathe and shower with hotter than usual water, poor sleep schedule, unbalanced diet, and lack of exercise are all too common during the holidays.

  • Understand that your skin will inevitably be more dry than usual due to the cold and low humidity.
  • It’s tempting to have a hot shower or a bath, but don’t do this just to warm your body as hot water can damage your skin and leave it high and dry. Use lukewarm water instead. Wear extra clothing to provide you with protection from the elements as well as the cold.
  • The best time to moisturize your skin is right after a shower or bath, while your skin is still moist. Pat yourself lightly with a towel, and then moisturize to seal in humidity, and maximize the effectiveness of the moisturizer.
  • Consider using a humidifier to counteract the effects of indoor heating which strips the air of humidity that is already lower in the winter.
  • Consider changing your moisturizer to something that is more nourishing and rich during the winter as your skin could use the extra strength.
  • It’s tough to be kind to your body without neglecting your social obligations, but try to strike a balance.

More On Dry Skin

Dr. Charles Lynde talks about dry skin, its causes and the things people complain about when they have dry skin. The video contains very helpful recommendations on how to deal with dry skin, including tips about life style changes and skin care products selection.


Puffiness of the face is a relatively common experience for many during the holidays. You might notice mild redness and a feeling of tightness on the face, especially around the eyes. Dietary factors, dehydration, and lack of sleep can all contribute to puffiness. Keeping control of these factors during the holidays can be a challenge, but just being aware of it and making small changes can help keep your skin looking better.

  • Reduce your salt intake. Holiday foods are often fatty and salty, causing the body to retain water making the face puffy.
  • Hydrate your body by drinking plenty of water. Remember that your body is dehydrated long before you feel thirst—8 glasses of water a day is recommended.
  • Reduce your alcohol intake. You don’t need to abstain but know that alcohol can dehydrate your body faster.
  • Eat healthy. Enjoy the holidays and allow yourself time to enjoy time with friends and family, but give yourself some extra time to exercise and eat right on other days to maintain a reasonable balance.
  • It’s important to remember that if the symptoms are severe or if the condition persists you should see a doctor as hormonal factors or other underlying medical problems may be a factor.